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Why Choose Us

We understand the full range of challenges involved in the project process from start to finish. We have learned that the success of every project is established within the early phases of budgeting, scheduling and design.  We provide the value that you require within these early phases to ensure that your project is successful and that we provide the results that you envisioned.



We have been providing project management and owner representation services for over 30 years.  We have your best interests embedded in our project goals to ensure success with all our projects.


On Time and On Budget

We know what needs to be done to get the results you desire.  Our expertise allows us to have your project completed timely and minimize unnecessary expenses.


Highly Recommended

We have worked with some of the finest firms & clients within the tri-state area.  We have earned their trust and respect and we know we will earn yours as well.

Why Choose Us

So why should I hire Marathon Group, LLC when we already have an Architect and General Contractor?  Because we perform our tasks on a daily basis, we can help you avoid typical project pitfalls and avoid time-consuming tasks and costly mistakes so your project moves in the right direction from day one.  We minimize project delays, cost overruns and headaches from start to finish.

Client Testimonials

"Mike's responsible oversight and guidance of both the Owner Team (Committee) and Professional Team in his role as Building & Grounds Committee Chairman was nothing short of exemplary. He allowed the professionals the space and respect to do their jobs, while managing the project's schedule and budget in a way that was fair, clear, and inclusive to all parties. In my 20+ years of working in hospitality at institutions that are governed by volunteers, its someone like Mike that facilitates a process and attitude that yield positive results, I would enthusiastically recommend the Marathon Group, LLC...."

Christopher M. McCagg, President

Rogers McCagg Architects, Interior Designers, Planners

"“Our experience with Michael Sullivan has been professional and courteous working interactively with all parties fairly to work harmoniously toward the project goal which is always timely and on budget completion meeting and exceeding the client’s expectations”"

Peter Cafaro, Senior Vice President

Studio JBD, Jefferson Group Architecture

“Trying to manage a project without project management is like trying to play a football game without a game plan”

K. Tate

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