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Do Renovations Increase Revenue & Membership?

Statistics show that the majority of those who join a club are between the ages of 35 to 45. They are typically married couples and have two children on average. So what is your club doing to attract these potential members?


Clubs that embrace change and invest consistently in their physical assets have higher initiation fees and full membership rosters. Resistance to change, manifested through insufficient or inconsistent capital investment, leads to dilapidated, run-down facilities that fail to attract younger prospective members. A recent McMahon Group survey of 210 private clubs showed that the impact on membership following the completion of a club's major renovations experienced a 70% increase in membership. With Work-From-Home and Hybrid working conditions here to stay, clubs are being used more today than ever before. We can help you work through what is most important to your membership and thereafter, develop the path forward so everyone can be a winner. Contact us and let's begin the process together.



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