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Supply Chain Woes & Unpredictable Material Pricing Will Continue Into 2022

Supply chain woes in 2021 were numerous and the general consensus is that this won't improve until 2023. Although costs may not rise as steeply in 2022 as they did last year, they will certainly remain volatile with unpredictable prices and delivery dates for key materials. Your Club needs to retain an experienced Project Management/Owners Rep firm early on when considering any renovations to help prepare realistic budgets & schedules before presenting to membership as well as guide the project through the rough seas that remain.

Marathon Group can create & vet all possible project solutions, including developing an accurate customized Master Project Budget and Master Project Schedule, as well as conducting Value-Added engineering studies.

We can provide:

  • Specific advice based on market conditions for the anticipated types of construction,

  • Consider alternatives to traditional in-demand building materials,

  • Specify locally produced materials and suppliers with optimal inventory, location and transportation cost,

  • Pre-purchase long lead items such as steel joists & studs, HVAC equipment, etc.,

  • Project Management oversight of all trades from start to finish.

Don't be a Penny-wise and Pound-foolish by trying to do this in-house and end up costing your organization more money because you didn't hire the professionals.

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